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How do I edit a return reason?

In "RETURNS PORTAL" click on the pencil icon on the right side of the reason you want to edit.
You will be able to edit the text of the reason, that is, the reason that your client will be able to choose when requesting the return of a product.
You can also edit what type of change will be allowed when your client selects that reason. It can be due to a change only in size, of the same variant, of all variants or not allowing changes.
You will be able to edit what type of refund your clients will be able to get by selecting this new reason. It can be a refund to your payment method, credit in your store, both or neither of the above.
You can also edit what type of confirmation would apply if your client selects this reason. Handbook; you must manually approve the request in the "RETURNS" section, or Automatic; the return will be approved immediately.
You will be able to edit what type of evidence your client must enter in order to send their return request. You can choose to request an image, a comment, both or neither.
To finish, you must click on the green button next to the new reason.

Updated on: 22/07/2021

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